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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 26, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> tonight we now know of a bay area connection to horrifying crime in new york in which a nanny is accused of killing 2 young children. these precious young people. good evening i'm dan ashley. former neighbors of the crime family are just stunned by the tragic news. family used to live in san francisco valley and the father is a former yahoo executive. vick lee has more. >>reporter: kevin and marina
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crime former home is necessary eled in a quiet well manicured neighborhood in noe valley. neighborhood of refurbished victorian homes. the crime lived in the 2 bedroom 2 bath house for about 6 years before selling it in july of last year. >> i remember that he had gotten a job and they were going to move to new york. >>reporter: lynn lives around the block. she remembers kevin and marina and 2 of the 3 children. 6-year-old lucy and 3-year-oldness not killed. she never met 2-year-old leo who may have just been born around the time they moved. >> they were definitely nice people. he was a techie. they bought a house small victorian and spent a lot of time fixing it and making it just right. >>reporter: she also met the grandparents who rented the inlaw apartment during a brief stay. she didn't know at the time that their son was kevin crime. >> they mentioned that the children lived around the corner and sure enough when i met them i knew them. >>reporter: those we spoke with say most of the homes are
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occupied by 2 working parents. many are young couple was children ready for a halloween. everywhere you look nanny walk pushing strollers. pd ann bennett told me this part of the valley is dubbed nanny valley. she knows all of them but on the weekends. >> i recognize all the kids but they are all with their parents on the weenth. they don't have any idea who the parents are. >>reporter: almost everyone i spoke with here knew what happened to the crime family. morgan cleveland has a two-year-old son. >> it's a fear of mine of course. but luckily we have a wonderful nanny and you have to go with your gut i guess. >>reporter: nevertheless cleveland says she and all of her friends take no chances. they go through services that help them pick nanny. >> all the nanny are pre-screened so it's a service that can help you kind of cut through some of the stuff that you might not see if you do your own screening. >> kevin heard the sad news from police who are waiting for him at jfk international airport when he returned last night from a business trip to
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san francisco. now come cast and nbc issued a statement today which says in part the sadness we all feel for the crime family is without measure. vick lee, 7 news. >> the now according to the "new york times"the nanny had recently seen a psychologist. people who knew her say she had a lot on her plate including living in an over crowded 10ment apartment, selling cheap cosmetic and jewelry for extra money and her health mental and physical may have been an issu issue. in the mean time other parents are weighing in with sympathy and questions basically are their children at risk when they are left with a babysitter? tonight 7 news reporter dan harris with a risk reality check. >> the story is not only sending chill through the up scale new york neighborhood where nanny become members of the family but also through the rest of the country where every day 7. 4 million children are left in the care of somebody other than their parents. the crime had child care options unavailable to many modern
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american families. nonetheless so many tonight are ang wished on their behalf. look at the statistics of all the violent crimes against young children more than half are committed by family. more than 40 percent by a family acquaintance or stranger leaving only a tiny slice just 4.2% committed by nappy or babysitters. >> every so many years there's some tragedy whether in a child care center or with a nanny we all go into red alert. but even though one time too many it's extremely rare. >>reporter: that the crimes are rare is a little solace to family shattered with the prime suspect somebody they trusted with everything. dan harris abc news new york. >> in oakland police investigating a fatal shooting in adams point neighborhood near lake merit. man shot on the street near his home early this morning and police have no suspect. latest death comes as oakland police are getting new help now from the chp to help
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patrol city streets. 7 news reporter thomas roman has more. >>reporter: oakland is seeing the crime rate sky rocket and homicide rate already 20 percent higher than it was all last year. so not surprising the city has called for reinforce ments. the city announced california highway patrol and alameda county sheriff's department will begin helping patrol oakland starting next week. 103 homicides so far this year. oakland police department has been under staffed over-worked and out numbered at times by occupy protestors. the city has been asking for help for the past few weeks and now the governor has authorized the chp to patrol oakland streets. specific have not been worked out nor the funding for the additional patrols but the mayor says the money is available and police chief howard jordan admits he needs the help. >> as long as they can be here we can afford therjs be realistic. whether i'm asking the sheriff to do is for 90 day operation and reasichlts i can
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afford some level of cooperation between the highway patrol and the sheriff until my police academy churn out more officers. >>reporter: that may not happen until some time next year. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> in the mean time highway patrol officer is expected to be okay after being stabbed 9 times by a man the officer says he was trying to save. man climbed the fence of freeway overpass late last tonight in riverside county down south. apparently wanted to commit suicide. when the chp officer pulled him down the man took out a pocket knife and stabbed the officer in his face and back. other officers subdued him. he was apparently high on meth. well now to the latest on hurricane sandy. it will bring flooding rain snow and wind from florida to the carolinas. maryland to maine. 86 million americans are -- 66 million americans are bracing for its impact. this is what sandy looks like from space. pretty good size storm. storm has already ripped across the
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caribbean killing 43 people. of course spencer christian is tracking the progress of the storm very closely. here with the latest on sandy. spencer. >> okay dan here's radar image of the storm and bands of rainfall heavy rain thunderstorms wrapping around the center of the storm. off the coast of northern florida right now atlantic coast and northern florida moving towards the north at 17 miles per hour. cad gory 1 hurricane maximum sustained winds 75 miles per hour but not the wind strength that we are concerned about it's the amount of rain it can produce. expected to take this track northward then northwest ward by tuesday making land fall somewhere near washington, d.c. still as category 1 hurricane and if indeed it collides with that massive cold air coming down from the northwest of canada it could indeed become the stooper storm you have heard about that not only produce heavy rain along the coastal area but pushes inland and meets the colder air to become even a snowstorm. very unusual and of course we'll keep watching the forward movement for you.
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>> thanks very much. see you a little later on in the broadcast. airlines giving travelers offering waivers to want to skip the plans to travel because of hurricane sandy that cause travel problems all up and down the eastern sea board. passengers flying in or out of any airport from latin america to new hampshire. most waivers are only valid monday through wednesday. >> all right voters in the east bay will decide whether to the tax soda and other sugar sweeten benches in 10 days or so. if measure m passes richmond is the first to impose the penny per ounce tax on business that is sell soft drinks and big money is coming in from outside the bay area. mark tonight with the expensive local battle. >>reporter: studies have shown that drinking sugar sweeten drink is linked to the rising previous lens of obesity in children. so retired
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cardiologist jeff convinced majority of the fellow council members in richmond to put a measure on the november ballot that would tax soda and other sugar drinks using the money to make children healthy. >> for the 3 million we take in we can put in new soccer fiel fields. softball fields. we can teach our kids third graders how to swim and put nutrition teachers in the elementary school. >>reporter: he's convinced the tax will encourage parents to buy 100 percent just and other non-sugar drinks in place of soda. >> it really is parallel to big tobacco and to what we did with cigarettes. >>reporter: soft drink company and national theater chain have contributed more than two million dollars out spending supporters of the measure nearly 36 to 1 on campaign is run out of the san francisco base political consulting firm but the face of the no campaign is richmond city councilman corky. >> those who can least afford to pay will be paying that one
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cent in the city of richmond. >>reporter: he says businesses that are charging the tax will have no other choice but to pass it on to their customers. and opponent are not convinced it will actually reduce consumption. >> what do you do about the do nut. what do you do about the tortilla hispanic people have? what are you going to do about the soul food african american people eat. >>reporter: standing next to big no on n sign lisa supports the measure mostly because of her 2 young girls. >> needs to be drinking juice and water. those are the things that guess for them. >>reporter: at the theatre where no no signs are everywhere including the employee shirts movie goers see a no on n commercial before any feature and nobody supports measure n. >> we are here to enjoy it not pay more money. prices are high already. >> telling us what we can and can't have. >>reporter: this is 7 news. police arrested suspect for torching the law oices of
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vallejo mayor. of we shot this exclusive video after the fire in late september. mayor davis at the time called it a deliberate act of intimidation. suspect mr. love had filed a civil lawsuit against dave is in 2005 in connection with family probate matter. love also charged with setting fire at vallejo funeral home and church. love is being held at the solana county jail on 3 counts of arson tonight. >> 2 teenagers have been arrested for the murder of woman who was found dead in a castro valley house fire last week. here's a picture of one suspect. 18-year-old glove made his first court appearance this afternoon. investigators believe he and 16-year-old christian bird is all whose picture we don't have at this moment brutally beat the vichlt barbara lash and then set her body on fire to cover up a burglary. >> as we continue here tonight. citizen stichblingt victim of theft tells police about the criminal who stole the wheel
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right off her car. that story just ahead. >> new milestone for bart. take you through the tunnel that goes right under a lake that will be part of the ride to the south bay going forward. >> what san francisco based current tv is shopping for. that's the tunnel. stay with us news continues tv network
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st. >> bart gave the public tour of key link in the south bound extension to san jose. project has created thousands of construction jobs and when it is finished it may help to support 20,000 high tech jobs. now a critical part of that project is new opportunity that he will will whisk passengers under fremont lake elizabeth. the lake is a center piece of fremont central park and rather than run tracks over it which had a lot of resistance bart tunnelled beneath it. more now from david he. >> three years of digging is over and tours of the subway tunnel it's a crucial link for bart trains to reach a new south fremont station and san jose beyond that. at this point we are about half mile south of the existing fremont station. the new station business 5 miles down the way.
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they were among the if stoes take the tour. >> the width didn't surprise me but how far you had to go down to get to the bottom that amazed me. >>reporter: transit agency officials are thrilled the project came in under budget. it was budge he had 249 million dollars but the bid came in at 137 million a savings of 112 million. result of the downturn in construction work. fremont mayor points out the tunnel came about only after the city wept to court over plans to build elevated trails back in the 80's. >> it was going to destroy the ambiance of the park with train every 6 minutes going through and it's not noisy but it creates a stir. so we actually went to court. we sued and finally settled and this is the end result. >>reporter: underground project had its challenges. >> actually an aquifer beneath central park so creating a dry zone for construction was one of our first challenges. >>reporter: except for 2 emergency air shafts the park
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will be restored. as construction continues south ward the city has ambitious plans to create 20,000 jobs in its warm springs area. >> we have hundreds of acres available. we have done a lot of planning feasibility is there for a mixed use up scale job center that fremont has never seen before. >>reporter: track and station construction already is under way south of here. completion of the warm springs extension is expected in about three ars. in fremont, david lou 7 news. >> man who had the wheels of his car stolen helped lead bay area police to the culprit. thief tried to sell the wheels on craigslist. he stole them in san leandro. the car owner saw the ad then called police who arranged to meet with this apparent thief and they promptly arrested him. places found property from another theft and returned it to its owner. police say they solved a number of cases recently this week in fact with the help of good witnesses. >> clever to look for your
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stolen stuff on craigslist. >> spencer is here with the weekend weather forecast. >> yes. looking spectacular. almost going to be summer like. live view right now from our high definition emeryville camera in emeryville. that's why i call it the emeryville camera. port of oakland on the mainly clear night with fog threatening to move up along the coast line but not there yet. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. see the low clouds pretty far offshore. at the moment but we expect some patchy coastal fog to develop did your the overnight hours. current temperature readings pretty mild actually. mainly in the 60's although we have some 50's up in the north bay. 58 at napa 59 at santa rosa. 56 over at fairfield and 57 on the coast. half moon bay. here's are the forecast feature we see patchy coastal fog overnight. signed warm weather this weekend both days and rain is likely next wednesday halloween. low temperature mainly in the low 50's for most
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of the bay area but north bay cooler low in the upper 40's at santa rosa, napa and clover dale. i'll go to pacific satellite image showing big ridge of high pressure that is the dominant feature in our weather for the next several days that will bring us some sunny days ahead this weekend and right on into early next week. let's move ahead to high pressure tomorrow under sunny skies in the south bay. nice and mild with high pressure mainly in the mid to upper 70's. we'll see high 76 santa clara and san jose and cupertino on the peninsula high pressure mainly in the mid 70's as well. 76 at redwood city palo alto. 77 mountain view. 78 los altos and it's very mild on the coast tomorrow. we'll see high of 63 at the pacifica and 66 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco 70 degrees tomorrow. warmer than summer day in san francisco. 65 in the upset district. up in north bay mainly upper 70's to low 80's. high 77 sonoma 78 at napa 82 at clover dale 81 at ukiah. east bay mild 74 at
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oakland and hayward 75. newark 78 high castro valley and free mochbility inland east bay just a couple degrees milder. upper 70's to around 80. 79 at concord and danville. 80 at walnut creek. fairfield. pittsburgh livermore and monterey bay high of 76 at watsonville. 69 at monterey. inland 79 at gilroy and holster 80 at morgan hill. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. after this very nice warm weekend we see a pleasant monday. temperatures dropping off just a couple degrees. further cooling on tuesday and wednesday. late tuesday or tuesday night we expect some rain to develop that will continue through the day on wednesday and wednesday evening which means kind of a soggy wet halloween. thursday morning showers taper off into mainly sunny skies but late friday another wave of wet weather coming in. so unsettled weather towards the end of next week. >> all right. hope it doesn't rain on our parade meaning the giants victory parade. >> that's right. let's hope
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not. even if it does we'll all turn out for tonight thanks spencer very much. >> catching the world series on the subject from up on board a plane. as we continue here tonight. fans flying high. >> latest score in the hockey negotiations. fans so far are negotiations. fans so far are getting shut out. stay with u
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>> let's go giants. sky 7 hd flew over sfo just as the the giants were about to take off for detroit this morning. the plane received a water salute by the airport tanker what a nice send off that is. reliev reliever lopez is not with them at the moment. he is in denver as his wife renee business to give birth to the couple second child. new dad will join the team tomorrow in detroit just in time for game 3. now as i
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said they are already in detroit getting ready for game 3 of the series tomorrow. the home field advantage may gone for now but as amy explains, they are get to go take a little touch of home along with them on the road. >> the fun energy of winning game to grinding halt today as the giants dealt with the mundane chore of traveling. players and manager say they would much rather than playing today. >> momentum frustrating things about not able to play today because we are so game ready and have played so well in the last 2 games. >>reporter: as the players loaded up the bus many of them had their wives and children with them. which you don't see during the regular season. >> that's a decision we made to try to keep the players in the right frame of mind. they want their family to share the world series experience. >>reporter: the giants are ahead for the first time in this post season. the other 2 series they came from behind. but this change doesn't concern
9:26 pm
team executive. >> gave me a choice i take it 2-o versus o-2. they have to go through security check at the airport, that headache. they will try get a light work out in in detroit an relax tonight. manager bruce says they will miss the home field advantage. >> great to win the first 2 at home. unbelievable. the fans. everything. the guys are so appreciative of what we have here. >> they got a send off from at&t park. few fans gathered to wish them well and one man played a song as they drove away. >> in san francisco. >> important to for them to see fans and know they are loved and we are all rooting for the them. >>reporter: we asked the giants leadership if they would rather clinch the series in detroit or do it here at home. they said they have learned in this business it's better to win every game even if that means clinching on the road. in san francisco, amy, abc 7 news. >> always more fun here but a
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win is a win we'll take anything we can get. giants fans are sky high after wins game 1 and 2 of the series. turns out there are giant fans in the sky. crew on virgin america flight took these pictures of giants fans cheering for orange and black and they put it up on you tube. they have television on the back of the seats and it looked like most of them were tuned in to the squlints game. >> if ryan starts for the game tomorrow tonight at 5:07. game 4 is sunday at 5:15. matt cain will take the hill for the giants. game 5 would be monday in detroit as well if necessar necessary. now we can help you share your giants pride on facebook. go to our site like us then click the giants logo at the top of our page there. th will take you here. where you can choose to share any of 9 different the to show your support on your face book wall. add fun to the festivities. >> stay with us as we continue tonight. your voice. your
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vote. >> lack for common ground. shared principals. >> my last question is are we ready for this? ism even as the first lady helps her husband tashingt one group, governor romney counting on very different demographic to win the race for the white house. also ahead. new feature at the popular real estate web site sill 0and raising big concern among privacy spertsd. >> and hope you didn't have the heart set on the new i-pad mini [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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>> presidential contest now. new abc news "washington post"poll shows governor romney with 1 point edge and tonight each man making a mad dash now to a key group of vote that's could mean victory for the
9:32 pm
president. that means becoming more fluent in pop culture. jake explains. >> president obama has not taken question from his white house reporters since august. today he took them from mtv. >> what are you most worried about malia getting a driver's license. malia on a date or malia on facebook. >> i would worry about faceboo facebook. dates, that's fine because she has secret service protection. >>reporter: what seems unprecedented full on pop culture campaign the president answered questions from readers of us weekly. appears on the cover of rolling stone. in an interview where he described mitt romney as a bser. republican charge it all shows how the president is a frivolous celebrity not a leader but there he is on jay leno. >> what's this thing with trum trump. >> rally with katie perry on jon stewart. >> i am doing great. >> like this because that's where the money is obama campaign says the president is
9:33 pm
going where the voters are. such as inside edition. >> inedition really popular show. >> especially the young voters they need to win. the president also focuses on issues like student loan and contraception. the president in our latest poll is winning almost two-thirds of voters under 30 and he need them to turn out in droves. thus this from the first lady on jimmy kimmel. >> election day election day up and at them. >> actress lisa from girl taped this web video ad about your first time. >> you want to do it with a great guy. >> first time voting. that is. tv abc news. >> ♪ and music played in north canton, ohio tonight. that's where mitt romney and paul ryan are campaigning. romney needs ohio to win. of david muir with the key group that might help him get there. >> room any closing argument. one of the battle ground he
9:34 pm
need. >> i'm counting on iowa. >>reporter: today romney delivered the economic message. message our new poll shows is resonating loudest among one key group. white men. in fact so much made of the powerful women vote but it's men who are driving mitt romney numbers. room any leads the president with white men 66-32 percent. up 34.lead. mccain lead among white men 4 years ago was half that. >> mitt romney may have a hard time relating to voters but he's dialed in to white men. very much atune to what he is saying about the economy. >>reporter: contrast to the president and mtv town hall his visit lake the one to the view romney sending his wife ann instead. own appearance meant to carefully court his base. dozen appearance this year alone popular conservative host shawn and canton ohio tonight supporters here hopeful they can overcome the president small but stubborn lead. >> one thing he says that resonates most. >> jobs. >>reporter: that's david muir
9:35 pm
reporting. senate majority leader reid mean time is banged up but okay after getting caught in chain reaction crash. 72-year-old reid was riding in his caravan through las vegas this afternoon when this accident happened. authorities are still trying to figure out exactly what went wrong here but the accident included 2 las vegas police vehicles and 2 capitol police vehicles that were part of reid motorcade as well as 2 civilian vehicles. >> over sea ins sir yeah. first day of 4 day cease fire was violated within hours. car bomb went off in damascas killing at least 10 people. the truce began at the start of the muslim holiday eve. it was intended to provide at least a brief respite from the violence during the holiday. perhaps start a long-term stopping of fighting. instead opposition activist said 49 people killed across the country. it's bad although that is lower in terms of daily death toll than what has become the norm in syria. well moving on. as we
9:36 pm
continue tonight. sell out and then this. as we continue the rolling stones give new definition to a warm-up gig. >> and an event that san francisco general hospital today that is more than just a .ooking class. what that h
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>> sky 7 hd was overhead after a car that crashed into a safeway store in san francisco marina district was being cleared away. witnesses say the driver of the black jaguar was leaving the parking space when he accidentally hit the wrong pedal ramming the side of the shopping cart area. kahn see the air bag went off so the impact was somewhat significant. the driver suffered minor injuries. no one else was hurt. >> in san rafael police searching for man and woman involved in a snatch and grab robbery at jewelry store. now
9:40 pm
they relesioned surveillance video of the crime. it happened inside gold rush jewelers which is on fourth street again in san rafael. you can see the thief looking at pair of watches. run out the door with one would have them. clerk tries to chase him down but gets away with the merchandise. according to witnesses the thief jumped. >> a gold toyota camry with woman behind the wheel and took off. missing petaluma teenager has been found by police in a new york train station. his mother says 15-year-old justin front is safe and wechlt he will be home on monday. there were concerns of course that he could be in some danger. he ran away after an argument with his father last monday. petaluma police issued an alert for the teenager after his family discovered he was heading to new york to meet someone that he met on line. but thank goodness he's okay. well, for half hour this morning san francisco general hospital looked an awful like the set of cooking show not a hospital. jonathan bloom explains why local celebrity
9:41 pm
chef is part of the hospital latest effort to prevent chronic disease. >> add to that some chopped cell ri. >>reporter: feature entered movie. tv. magazine. but today chef tracy its cooking before a live audience at a hospital. >> scallion in there. toughest question at the restaurant might be which wine to pair with dinner, crowd here looking for answers to different dilemma 8. how do you eat healthy when you have a little bit of money have so many other priorities survival of life. >>reporter: that's why san francisco general hospital brought in a celebrity chef and pulled away the ribbon on the newly donated demonstration kitchen. because now every thursday afternoon the hospital will open its doors to the community and turn its attention from treating diseases to preventing them. >> diseases like diabetes. obesity. heart disease. kidney disease. the list goes on and on and these are disease that's in large part can be
9:42 pm
prevented with healthy diet. >> inside of the brown rice is actually white rice. more nutrition valley in brown rice. >>reporter: emphasis on avoiding processed food showing you can make a meal from fresh ingredient for a few dollars. >> organic chicken not a fancy chicken but chicken that is whole piece of meat. a lot better for you than something that you are going to buy in the frozen food department with all the chemicals and stuff open it. >>reporter: some produce for the cooking demonstration is as fresh and local as you can get. green writ here in this garden on the third floor roof of the hospital. vegetable already given out to chronic disease management patients but now they will come packaged with inspiration from some of the bay area most notable chefs. >> they can buy food that is affordable for the family and can feed them healthy alternative to fast-food and these products that are making americans obese. >>reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> many pretty good. the head
9:43 pm
of san francisco base current tv is considering selling the boutique cable network. ceo jolie hyatt is exploring what he calls strategic option including selling or seeking new partner and investors. hyatt and former vice president al gore started current tv in 2005. it recently weather the departure of high profile anchor keith he beer man. it's available in 60 million homes. >> real estate web site zillo is now allowing users to find out which homes are headed into foreclosure. web site just launched the feature that allow users to find out if the neighbors have defaulted by how much and even whittle a house has been taken back by a lende lender. critic are calling this new feature an invasion of privacy and possibly embarrassing to homeowners. zillo says it's simply being transparent. meanwhile apple started taking pre-orders for the new i-pad mini today. and one version already sold out.
9:44 pm
initial supplies of the white model were gone in minutes. you can still order one but it will not be available for two two weeks rather than one. tablet computer hits stores next friday starting at 3 29 dollars. much less than the full size i-pad. >> coming up here next. dinosaur are discovered with something a lot like wing but they apparently had nothing to do with flight. that story nichblingts and researchers atterberrycly figure out why crabs socialize and not what crabs socialize and not what you think. s
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>> researchers at berkeley say life is a congo line for sure dwelling hermit crab or musical chairs even more precisely. they say it proves the evolution near true that living things are altering and
9:48 pm
remodeling surroundings since time began. according to study done in costa rica hermit crab spend their live kicking each other out of the shell then moving in. researchers say it gives stronger larger crab more room for eggs and lighter shell to lug around. the last crab standing without a shell is usually eaten. putting a darwin spin on the entire process. and there's this. new discovery shows modern bird got the wing because dinosaur probably wanted to show off. canadians scientist say the the this probably looked like this. ostrich like dinosaur that tall and weighed roughly 400 pounds. fossil show hit wings with long feathers like you see and that means wings evolve far earlier than scientist previously believed. and the finding reveals another twist. the wings were found on in adults and wings were not used for flight. rather the wings were used for courtship and display.
9:49 pm
>> oh, >> there you go. well let's go back always feathering his nest spencer with the forecast. >> of flapping his wings too. take a look at the forecast for game 3 of the world series tomorrow night in detroit. giants looking for the third consecutive we know. it's chilly. few clouds around. temperature in the low 40's at game time. but that may not stop the panda a from taming the tiger. state wide conditions. mainly sunny mild to warm all across the state we look at high of 79 in chick o. 80 sacramento. 79 fresno. 72 at yosemite. 88 at palm springs. 90 in los angeles. here in the bay area we'll see sunny skies mild to warm conditions as well. high pressure mainly in the 70's up to about 80 or 81 warmest inland location. mid 60's on the coast and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast after a nice warm weekend of temperatures will start to moderate early next week by midweek wednesday halloween we look at rainy day. showers tapering off thursday morning
9:50 pm
drying out until late friday and then another wave of rain likely to start friday night. so weather becomes a little bit unceltsed late next week. >> a little dicey. >> i pride myself unbiased in my work. truly do but on this topic not so much. a pair of highly anticipated rolling spoon in new jersey sold out in minutes today. this follow similar frenzy last week when fans snapped up tickets to 2 show ins london the and to pet ready for the london concert the stones held a warm-up surprise gig at small club in paris last night. the ♪ the [ singing] the the lvrment i would have sold my house to be there. mick jager told the crowd i can't believe we are all still standing up. you would think by now one or 2 of us would be sitting down. we
9:51 pm
are no. they are all about 70 years old. they lived up to the image older rock and roll royalty. after the sold out gig they slipped into bath robe for the journey home. they usually do after the show. >> any way fun stuff. >> the fact that keith richards is still alive is a medical marvel. >> really is. that's true. >> cock roach keith richards. preservative. >> it's something. he can play apparently. >> still can do it. fun stuff. >> the giants. making the trip to detroit getting set for the tigers and cold weather. we look ahead to game 3. also look back at the key play from game 2 and why this never [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
9:52 pm
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. new details emerge tonight about the nanny accused of killing 2 children in new york city. we have the latest on that. >> plus the new threat to our planet. why scientist are sounding the alarm over a microscopic sea creature. those stories and a lot more on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. larry here to talk sports
9:55 pm
and giants are in detroit. >> tigers sounded their own alarm. panic time. world as near as detroit this weekend. game 3 tomorrow night. giants flew thought morning from sfo leading the series 2 games to none. tooiling tigers came in favorite but they are in desperation mode. they only allowed 4 runs in the last 5 play off games. everything is going their way great defense. key play last night greg actually missed the target which was brandon in the circle there. he airmails the throw right to marco who came over from second to back up the play. heads up. he makes the perfect relay for the tag on prince. as for ryan he's on the mound tomorrow night against very good pitcher in sanchez for detroit. 3 and o this post season with him starting. bruce preaching defense since day one spring training and it's shown. >> major part of the game. i said so many times. player can have a great game despite not getting a hit he can go out and help win a ball game. we have
9:56 pm
players that have that ability. >> we are definitely not taking this for granted. we'll play the type of baseball we have been playing and try to win as soon as possible. >>reporter: now while the rest of the giants are already in detroit pitcher lopez is making a stop in denver for the birth of his son. he will hop on flight tomorrow and join his team mates in time for game 3. in detroit. this post season lopez lefty wicked on listened batters not a hit in 3 games. striking out 4. the camera that shoots like 30,000 frames per second something like that. 49ers back in prime time this monday night in arizona. niners trying to protect the 1 game lead top the nfc west. niners in pass defense allowing 173 yards game. face a cardinal team that is of seive like. 45 sack already this season. smith set a franchise
9:57 pm
rookie record with 14 sack for san francisco. he ladies the niners in this year but only 5 and a half. he admits this year tougher against the quarterback. >> like to have more sack but i think teams are a little bit more prepared for us than they were last year and quarterback get the ball off faster but all in all we are high pressure rig throw and creating pressure so we are doing our job. >> the 2 and 4 raiders heading to kansas city to face the 1 and 5 chiefs. quinn will start for kansas city. oakland has to protect palmer better last week against the jaguar sack twice fumble twice head coach allen knows his offensive line has to play better especially in a noisey arrow head on sunday. >> we are all proud men out here. we all want to do our job and best of our ability and we don't we know we don't play as well as we want to we look forward to the opportunity to get back out there and proof ourselves again. group as a whole is looking forward to the opportunity to get back out there. >> the warriors tip off new
9:58 pm
season next wednesday. halloween night in phoenix and tonight charles dropped in to talk about the team expectation. jenkins got lots of playing time as rookie because of injuries to the trade of ellis. he says golden state has had a lot of tall empty. see it every day in practice. this team is better. >> talk about practice and everyone competing against each other because the competition level has increased tremendously. we have basically preview each position that can play. get better and very intense. only right we carry it on through the game. >> international cycling union says the 7 tour de france title stripped from lance armstrong for doping will not be awarded to any other riders. even if they wanted to everybody else was doping. uc i stabbing independent commission accusing the uc i accepting 125,000 dollars from armstrong to cover up suspicious doping. all games scheduled through november 30 cancelled so not a
9:59 pm
full game schedule. the new contract training to be worked out players lock out. latter year the nba started the season on christmas day. so hockey fans are still holding out hope for a short ended season but i tell you one thing. last contrary they played 66 games. shorten season tough on the players but for fans 4 games a week so great games every nigh night. as a fan take your tim time. start late if you want to. jam all the games in and action every night. >> all right thanks larry very much. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. for all of us here i'm dan ashley thanks for watching. appreciate your tim time. hope you have a great weekend. tune in at 11:00 on


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